[chuck-users] Mac OS X on-the-fly issue

Renato Fabbri renato.fabbri at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 22:40:06 EST 2008

hi David,

in windows and linux i use two command line prompts: one for the first
shred or --loop and the other one for adding and removing. how does
that go on Mac? does that work?

btw, there is a way to use only on only one command window, check page
16 of the manual. should be something like this:

%>chuck --loop &

good luck!,

2008/1/26, David Posey <bigd5 at earthlink.net>:
> I'm unable to get the on-the-fly features of ChucK working.  I can do one thing at a time from the command line, i.e.
> %> chuck foo.ck
> or
> %> chuck --loop
> But I cannot do, say, "--loop" followed by "--add bar.ck" to add a shred.  The problem is that once I do "--loop" no prompt reappears for me to type in "--add bar.ck", unless I ctrl-C out of it first, which kills the first process anyways.  What's the catch?  How do I run a second shred from the command line?
> (I'm running Chuck on Mac OS X 10.4 using the command-line interface.)
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> --David
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