[chuck-users] /examples/event/event_extend.ck

Renato Fabbri renato.fabbri at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 08:30:45 EST 2008

hi Chuckers,

I have two questions regarding the example bunddled with chuck in
/examples/event/event_extend.ck (attached for convevience)

first, if the function hi is sporked four times, why does it run only
once? i mean, in each loop that takes one second i only see one
integer being printed. Anyway, i have removed 3 of the 4 spork
statements and it seems to run just the same way.

second, why is the return type of hi specified as int when it doenst
return anything? I have exchaged the return type for void and it seems
to run normally as well.

can anyone help me to understand these things?

thanks, cheers,
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