[chuck-users] STK Modulate -- does it work?

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Wed Jul 2 18:50:32 EDT 2008

2008/7/2 Chris McDaniel <ixemul at gmail.com>:

> That was fast!  I actually tried that but without the s.sync -- hadn't
> really noticed that in the docs but it definitely opens some doors :-)

I believe the docs may have assumed words for traditional synthesis
techniques were common knowledge for potential STK users but this probably
doesn't hold for ChucK, seeing as people are geting into ChucK (and should
be able to!) without first getting into traditional synths.

I agree that "modulate" could be documented a little more clearly, for
example by referring to a file in the "examples" dir and creating such a
file if there is none already. If we don't tell people it needs fairly high
amounts of gain before doing modulation in a audible way they might be

> Thanks very much for clearing it up for me

You're quite welcome. Thanks for making me try it once; I never had before
but I like it. That was two minutes well spend.

> So I have one other question -- can this be used with with STK instruments
> that (don't appear to) have a sync member?
Well, I think that modulation inputs for Ugens are typical for ChucK Ugens
(particularly osc's) and not for STK ones. If we'd go in that direction I
think we may need to look at a more elaborate syntax for more elaborate
modulation. For example; teh FM we were using in our example isn't actually
a form of "sync" at all. You could imagine using both sync and FM on the
same oscilator but ChucK won't (currently?) allow this. Another question is
that I'm not sure all STK instruments are designed in a way conductive to
continuous modulations (I might be wrong there).

What you can still do is call the .last() function of your Modulate Ugen
which will get you a float. If you'd add that to a float representing the
desired frequency to modulate around and write the result to the .freq()
member of a STK Ugen every few ms (or samp) you would get something like our
SinOsc example.

I sugest you try that and shout if you run into issues.

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