[chuck-users] MiniA background colour under Linux

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 11:46:24 EDT 2008


Under Ubuntu (latest mainstream release, kept up to date) I can't get the
back-ground colour to change using the editing settings. All other colours
work. Ubuntu uses the Gnome windows manager (and so do I).

It might be worth pointing out that the background stays white which is also
my system's colour set for everything that's not black (I have texts and
window headers black) so it could be a conflict between the system setting
and the Mini's, conceivably.

I haven't yet tried whether this also affects my Windows computer.

I also noted that while I can change individual elements (aside from
background) with the changes taking effect after confirming them but
resetting to the defaults (because I didn't want light pastel colours if I
couldn't also have a dark grey background....) only took effect after
restarting the MiniA.

I'd be happy to run more experiments if you tell me what to look for.

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