[chuck-users] music made with chuck, chuck~ news

Brad Garton garton at columbia.edu
Fri Jul 4 12:47:16 EDT 2008

Hey, just getting back to some e-mailing and found these nice tunes!   
Really fun stuff.  I've got some to throw into the pot also, did  
these awhile ago:


Most of the sounds were made with chuck~ or rtcmix~.  Some of the  
chuck~ scripts even made it into the help patcher for the object.

Speaking of chuck~, here is a version that runs under Max5:


It needs work, though -- you can't open up any buffer windows with  
scripts, but you can read/write them into files on disk.  The  
windowing scheme has been completely redone in Max5, and we have to  
wait for the new SDK before we can build it into our externals.   
Because of the lack of the SDK, I haven't really tested this Max5  
version much, so consider this temporary (isn't everything?).

Thanks again for the fun sounds!


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