[chuck-users] Bouncing Baby Website

Inventor-66 at comcast.net Inventor-66 at comcast.net
Sat Jul 12 21:54:23 EDT 2008

Hi yet again, 

I would like to announce the birth of a bouncing baby website, my Guitar Motion Sensor project site.  You may recall me writing at least one long, excited email about my plans to do a guitar HID project.  Well, I'm getting really close to buying the parts and out of frustration waiting for finances to line up plus a desire to share the knowledge, I created a three-page website with all of my plans and reasoning about the project.  The url is here:  


Actually after consulting forum contributors, especially Kassen, I have the hardware boiled down to two circuit boards that will cost $35 each, and a mere five solder connections.  Then I'll mount the gizmo on my guitar's headstock and run a long USB cable down the length of the guitar and to the computer.  I tried to be humorous and light-hearted in my writing style so people would enjoy reading it.  I'd appreciate any comments about the site especially regarding project construction details or possible gotchas / errors.  

Plus I'll note that my website traffic has more than doubled in the few days since I put the site up, so I believe that people are interested in guitar effects HID.  Making the world a better place via ChucK - kinda feels good, eh?  Cheers!


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