[chuck-users] Intercepting and Routing Audio

Leuthold Dominik moudi at gmx.net
Wed Jul 16 17:14:42 EDT 2008

I know it is not a cheap solution, but with an RME Multiface you're able to
use multiple clients with ASIO, MME or GSIF (even mixed!).
i think this is now also possible with WDM.
however, there are also some limitations:
- all clients need to work on the same sample rate
- the clients need to play/record from different channels. the same channel
can not be used by different clients, but you're able to route any channel
to any channel you want (on the dsp of the multiface).


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2008/7/14 Rich Caloggero <rjc at mit.edu>:

Is there anything like SoundFlower for windows?

EMU soundcards use a driver that includes a mixer that can route inputs to
outputs. Both in and out may be real (as in jacks on your hardware) or
virtual (to connect programs to).  I think you are still stuck with one ASIO
client max but I find it quite convenient. You route at will between normal
Windows audio clients.

Hardly a general purpose solution but it could be worthwhile to keep in mind
when picking a card should you be in the market for one. 

Sadly open/free programs like ChucK can't use Rewire and I'm not sure I like
Rewire's master-slave architecture.

I hear good things about Reaper, a audio editor that can create virtual
devices for routing, it might be worth a look is that would suit your needs.


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