[chuck-users] USB Accelerometer Product Coming

Inventor-66 at comcast.net Inventor-66 at comcast.net
Sat Jul 19 08:23:55 EDT 2008


For all us HID-heads, I thought I would mention the new product that I'm helping to develop.  I was gonna make a 3-axis accelerometer on a USB interface.  When I approached the company that makes the USB interface, I suggested they might want to make such a product for their product line.  They replied with excitement, and a new product was born!  I am not sure of its exact form down the road but they have the technology to make this product any way we want it to be.  I figure a single 3-axis accelerometer plus their standard 8-I/O gamepad / joystick interface on a board the size of a stick of gum.  Wrigley's will be proud.  

So please be aware that coming down the river is a new, hopefully inexpensive, HID part for us all to enjoy.  Cheers!  


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