[chuck-users] a example of thinking on interface mapping

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 04:43:11 EDT 2008

Dear fellow ChucKists,

This weekend I was experimenting some more with my tilt-sensing joypad,
adding a -so far crude- granualar way of playing back samples. When I handed
it to some friends to try it turned out people subconciously expected
something interesting to happen with vigorous shaking.

This sounded like a interesting idea so I made crude and so far badly
calibrated implementation. What I'm doing is checking the square of the
change in bot axis since the last time I polled them and adding both of
those to a "shake" variable from which I'm also subtracting a value
periodically (at least as long as it's above 0). The resulting parameter
seems to do a decent job of detecting whether the joypad is currently being
shaken and if so how hard. As hard shaking tends to build up the parameter I
have to let it return to 0 faster if it's higher. The result is -so far-
being used to scale randomisation in the grain playback rate.

This will need tuning (as well as a cleanup...) and I wonder if left-right
shaking may need to be diffent from forward-backwards shaking and how
important the period of "re-stabilising" of the whole thing is.

So; this is still in a early stage, I only started at it last afternoon but
it might be the sort of practical example that works for some people as a
illustration of how I try to deal with this sort of subject. BTW, I set this
sort of thing loose on my friends because I find observing how they interact
with it leads to different insights then I'd get on my own, insights that
often make interfaces perform bettter for myself as well.

Hope that was of any use/interest.
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