[chuck-users] Beat Slicing

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 09:31:41 EDT 2008

2008/6/5 Jonathan Siemasko <zombiecontrol at gmail.com>:

> Hello ChucK people,
>        Been following the list for a while now but this is my first
> post.  I am trying to create a Random Chuck Beat slicer.  Basically
> input any loops, set the rate and set the number of slices to use and
> it will automatically create random breakbeats from it.  The problem
> is when I set the playback rate to anything other then half, single,
> double, etc. slices stop lining up properly.

While I realise you are after knowing what's wrong with your code -and I'd
like to help- I don't quite have the time for debugging this at the moment.
BUT. I just remembered I have a beatslicer lying around that I impulsively
made because I had a few hours to kill a while back. I'm not really that
into breaks anymore so I doubt I'll ever get back to it and it's somewhat
crude here&there but it has plenty of comments as I send it to a friend to
play with already.

It works by taking a wave file which it assumes already loops properly. It
tries to detect volume peaks and attempts to base slices on those (not on
exact fractions of the length, this is more Jazz then House). It tries not
to get fooled by random volume modulations and also discards very short

Hope this is of some use as a starting point. If you get something good
using this I'd like to hear it.

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