[chuck-users] Yet another joystick...

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Jun 8 07:16:04 EDT 2008

Martin Ahnelöv :

> Hello ChucKers!
> This came down the microsound-pipe, and I thought I should share. A
> modular joystick that doesn't seem to be very comfortable to play games
> on, but it's probably great as an audio control surface!

Oh, cool! I remember seeing this one when it was still completely vapour. I
like the idea a lot but I'm not sure it will be comfortable for music

I'm not sure everybody is aware of products like this ;
http://www.u-hid.com/ . I have no experience with that model, it's just the
first of it's kind that Google gave me; there are more for different needs.
With something like that and some parts like joysticks, buttons, spinners,
etc anyone could easily make his own controller with his own layout. There
would hardly be any need to even solder if you have or get a set of those
wire clamps. I think I'll build something like that in a while, once I
outgrow my current arcade stick.

I'm bet many heard about the threat of Amsterdam's STEIM losing it's
funding. For those who didn't yet; STEIM is a organisation that specialises
in developing new interfaces for electronic music (
http://www.steim.org/steim/ ) with all of the buzz around them lately and
the events it resulted in I popped by Amsterdam a few times in the past
week. Of course it's very sad that the existence of a organisation like that
is threatened but when I started thinking about it some more I also felt
it's truely amazing how accessible developing your own instrument with your
own interface has become these days.

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