[chuck-users] ChucK File Size Limit

Inventor-66 at comcast.net Inventor-66 at comcast.net
Wed Jun 11 08:21:57 EDT 2008


Someone has posted to the ChucK forum with a source code file size limit problem.  He is using really huge files and ChucK is crashing.  The error message is:  

> test.ck]:line(3).char(19991): memory exhausted 

Which we pointed out to him meant he had almost 20,000 characters on one line!  So he fixed that and made the file with many shorter lines, and still ran into the problem.  Then he looked in the source code and posted this:  

> In the file src/chuck.tab.c we have a "YYMAXDEPTH 10000" with comments:
> /* YYMAXDEPTH -- maximum size the stacks can grow to (effective only
> if the built-in stack extension method is used).
> Do not make this value too large; the results are undefined if
> evaluated with infinite-precision integer arithmetic. */
> I tried changing this constant but managed to pump it upto 15000. Any higher caused problems. 

What is the problem, can we get around it, and what should I tell this ChucKist?  

Les Hall

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