[chuck-users] http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/ down again

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 10:45:10 EDT 2008

2008/6/24 Atte André Jensen <atte.jensen at gmail.com>:

> Hi
> http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/ is down again
> 1) Can I find the html documentation somewhere else or do I have to wait
> for the site to come up and rip everything from the web?
> 2) Why is this site down so often? It's really a pain!

Yes, the online docs are very convenient with their compact size and clear
links, I use them a lot too.

With a eye on the site downtime but also knowing that a lot of us work with
laptops and so not necessarily near a connection all the time it might be a
good idea to have a copy of those pages in the /doc/ dir of the
distribution, perhaps with links to the example dir using relative url's.

A added advantage of that would be that PDF readers can be heavy on
computers when you start scrolling, etc, which doesn't play nice with
looking up info in the heat of a ChucKing session.

Might be a consideration for future updates?

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