[chuck-users] is there a way to bundle mini audicle with different version of chuck?

pibsid at suomi24.fi pibsid at suomi24.fi
Sun Mar 2 02:14:07 EST 2008

According to http://audicle.cs.princeton.edu/mini/release/README.linux
It would indeed be possible to compile miniAudicle with a different 
source for ChucK.


miniAudicle binds directly to the ChucK source code to provide an 
ChucK compiler and virtual machine.  Thus, to compile the miniAudicle 
a copy of the ChucK source code distribution.  miniAudicle includes 
the latest
stable release of the ChucK source code in its own distribution, and 
provides a
symlink to this ChucK source called 'chuck'.  To bind to a different 
version of
the ChucK source (version or greater), unlink 'chuck' and 
recreate it, 
linking to the root directory of the desired source distribution (i.
e., the 
directory enclosing src/, not src/ itself).

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>Aihe: [chuck-users] is there a way to bundle mini audicle with 
different	version of chuck?
>sorry if this has come up before, but a quick search didn't reveal  
>anything useful.
>mini audicle comes with a pre built version of chuck.
>right now i am playing around with chuck's source code and 
>different versions.
>is there an easy way to tell mini audicle what version of chuck to  
>use instead of the one which is included?
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