[chuck-users] delay times of STK delays seem to be 1 sample off?

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 12:29:43 EST 2008

On 02/03/2008, volker böhm <vboehm at gmx.ch> wrote:
> yes, that's right. the feedback path is provided in the ugen itself.
> one drawback is that it's not possible anymore to have a delay of 0
> samples (which for a feedback delay makes no sense anyway).

Zero length delays should still be attainable through putting the unit in
bypass mode, using the .op() function, I think. Kinda trivial but could
become relevant.

> i don't know about submitting. the delay ugens are part of the STK
> which also exists as a library independent from chuck.
> so changing something in there is not so easy.

Well, aside from Perry Cook himself being on this list as well, there are
already differences between the STK and ChucK versions of some STK Ugens.
It's a different context, different choices may make sense. For example; the
envelopes come from the STK but in ChucK they have some member functions
that take variables of type duration. There are more examples, mainly
convenience stuff.

I don't think the library-nature of the STK needs to be a issue on it's own

also i think e.g.
> DelayA is used by other STK ugens as well.

That wouldn't need to be a show-stopper either because those wouldn't use
the feedback. Oh, now it sounds like I'm arguing either way, I was really
just pointing out factors.

might be better to have dedicated (interpolating) delay ugens with
> integrated feedback path - maybe there is already something like
> that. coulnd't find any in the ugen list, though.

I can't find anything either. I think LiSa could be tricked into becoming
one using her feedback but I'm not sure right now if that would have the
extra sample.

We'll see what Ge & Perry think.

I'm at least going to add a note about this feedback/Z-1 issue to the Wiki's
page for suggested additions to the manual. At the moment I don't think the
manual covers the calculation order at all yet it's quite important, in a
way it could be considered a part of being "strongly timed".

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