[chuck-users] delay times of STK delays seem to be 1 sample off?

Brad Garton garton at columbia.edu
Mon Mar 3 12:58:53 EST 2008

On Mar 3, 2008, at 11:55 AM, Kassen wrote:

> If I understand correctly I don't think this is a "problem with the  
> pull model" per-se but more of a issue in two very different models  
> touching each-other.


> I don't think linking all MAX "cables" to ChucK "Ugen connections"  
> is the most sensible way of linking them. Some MAX cables will  
> represent concepts closer to ChucK code or events while others will  
> indeed be more like Ugen-connections.

The idea would be to instantiate a chuck object like this [chuck~ 2  
5] where the first number is the number of output channels and the  
second is the number of inlets on the object, each of which would be  
receiving a stream of data from some 'external' object.  These would  
be represented as variables in the chuck~ script, and whenever a  
value of that variable was requested *during* the execution of the  
script (see below, this is the problem) it would deliver the  
currently-set value coming from the 'external' object.  This isn't  
hard to do, I've built other objects like this.

> How hard/possible would it be to represent such a slider as a  
> variable event member and the changing of the slider as  
> broadcasting the event? Perhaps a sort of virtual protocol could be  
> created, something like Hid or MIDI except linked to MAX objects  
> instead if hardware objects?

That's kind-of what I do now, variables can come into chuck~ as $1,  
$2, etc. BUT:

when the script is sent to the chuck parser, those values get  
'frozen' when the script executes.  This is the problem -- I want to  
be able to have a chuck~ variable (probably would have to be a ugen)  
that will dynamically change as values come into the post-parser  
executing script.  I think MIDI and OSC in chuck possibly work this  
way, but I'm not sure.

> I would say that here "crafting a event" might be a more fertile  
> solution then "crafting a Ugen". My knowledge of MAX is rather  
> rudimentary though.

Could be -- how is chuck set up to respond to 'events' during script  
execution?  I'm missing something, I think.  Although this is max- 
oriented, I suspect that the pd chuck~ probably has a similar situation.


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