[chuck-users] MAUI for PC/Linux

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Mar 31 05:17:03 EDT 2008

Hello Inventor,
First let me commend your MAUI exploits!  That pong game is fun... we  
definitely didn't anticipate animated UI widgets floating around when  
this stuff was written.  Although, we do recognize the need also for  
some sort of basic drawing 2D API.  Might I recommend trying an "LED"  
element for the pong ball though?  Seems a little more natural for  
that to be bouncing around than a square block...

As to porting MAUI to Windows and Linux, it seems clear that my  
physical departure from the Princeton Soundlab has tempered my  
miniAudicle-hacking vigor.  However, given the current "swell" of  
interest (4 people counts as a swell for miniAudicle) in porting MAUI  
to other platforms, I think I can get back in the game and have some  
results in the next few weeks.  There should be something in CVS to  
start playing with sooner--the basic structure of MAUI for Windows/ 
Linux is implemented, its mostly a matter of filling in blanks and  


On Mar 29, 2008, at 9:24 PM, Inventor-66 at comcast.net wrote:
> It seems that there is a strong demand for the MAUI port to PC and  
> Linux versions of the miniAudicle.  In fact there's so much demand  
> for a ChucK GUI that three or four people have created their own  
> ChucK GUIs and posted about them to the forum.  Being gifted with  
> MAUI powers as a Mac user, it is unfortunate that I cannot share my  
> MAUI programs with many fellow ChucKists.  I wonder if we could get  
> some news about the MAUI porting progress?  Perhaps someone on the  
> dev team can fill us in?
> Inventor
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