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Mon Mar 31 09:02:27 EDT 2008

On 31/03/2008, Spencer Salazar <ssalazar at cs.princeton.edu> wrote:

Although, we do recognize the need also for
> some sort of basic drawing 2D API.

YES! (also a loud "YES" to Joerg)

  Might I recommend trying an "LED"
> element for the pong ball though?  Seems a little more natural for
> that to be bouncing around than a square block...

Could be for historical reasons? Originally PONG had a square ball. Also, I
think that in "real" pong the bats don't detect collision while moving which
can be (and is) used by expert players at times as a feature.

However, given the current "swell" of
> interest (4 people counts as a swell for miniAudicle) in porting MAUI
> to other platforms, I think I can get back in the game and have some
> results in the next few weeks.

Well, then, let me grab this chance to tell you I'm a great fan of your
work. I really like the Mini a lot (in fact last week I had to write a short
bio for a gig and used the Mini as a text editor because it was at hand and
is so pleasantly clean and simple) and consider your work on the HID's
interface amongst the clearest and most pleasant to work with sides to
ChucK. If you could spare some time to work on this I would be deeply
grateful. Chances are that would lead to questions and perhaps exotic bug
reports which in turn could lead to barrages of emails and demanding yet
more time.... ...but that's how it goes when one has fans. :¬)

I wrote many times about respecting how you and the other dev's have a
finite amount of time but clearly it can't hurt to mention that I (and
others with me!) very much appreciate it when you elect to spend yours on
making all these fun toys and expressive instruments for us.

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