[chuck-users] MAUI for PC/Linux

pibsid at suomi24.fi pibsid at suomi24.fi
Mon Mar 31 17:47:11 EDT 2008

Yes! Spencer your the man.
Can't wait until I get my hands on that MAUI power to create the 
ultimate tetris clone for ChucK. 
Port to Linux first please ;)

-Pyry Pakkanen

>Spencer Salazar wrote:
>As to porting MAUI to Windows and Linux, it seems clear that my  
>physical departure from the Princeton Soundlab has tempered my  
>miniAudicle-hacking vigor.  However, given the current "swell" of  
>interest (4 people counts as a swell for miniAudicle) in porting 
>to other platforms, I think I can get back in the game and have 
>results in the next few weeks.  There should be something in CVS to  
>start playing with sooner--the basic structure of MAUI for Windows/ 
>Linux is implemented, its mostly a matter of filling in blanks and  

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