[chuck-users] Create your own scratch pad!

Eric Hedekar afterthebeep at gmail.com
Sun May 4 01:49:53 EDT 2008

Along these lines, I thought I'd share a recent post to the XWAX developers
list (its not chuck related, but maybe someone wants to take some
inspiration, and pack the XWAX code into a chuck ugen):

>I just did a quick hack of wrapping the timcoder.c code into a flext
>external, so the timecoder can
>be used in pd or max/msp (dunno about v5) and be used for stuff like
>scratching videos and alike.
>This is a very small and easy hack but it works
>Documentation is in the tarball as vinylcontrol.pd patch with some
>comments. I left the binaries
>in the tarball as some might have problems building the external (...
>next time I should not forget
>to delete the binaries with debug symbols, heh...).
>so long...
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