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eduard aylon eduard.aylon at gmail.com
Mon May 5 07:34:46 EDT 2008

Hi all,

The following patch works perfectly thru command line, but miniaudicle  
creates an empty file.

SinOsc s => WvOut file => blackhole;
"mini.wav" => file.wavFilename;
5::second => now;

I normally use chuck on the command line, but while teaching my  
students preferred to use miniaudicle. Then I found out miniaudicle  
was quite unstable, much less efficient than chuck and even patches  
that would work via command line wouldn't in miniaudicle. Sorry I  
can't remember the exact cases, but I will report back whenever I find/ 
remember one.
One message it bugs me from miniaudicle is that when started up it  
often says that the VM appears to be hanging. And since I moved to  
Leopard, that is mac os 10.5, it always says so (see attached png file)


On 4 May 2008, at 18:14, joerg piringer wrote:
> Martin Ahnelöv schrieb:
>> sön 2008-05-04 klockan 16:05 +0200 skrev Kassen:
>>> 2008/5/4 Martin Ahnelöv <operagasten at gmail.com>:
>>>        I'm on linux, and it worked so and so. no errors, but I can't
>>>        play it
>>>        anywhere.
>>> It's my humble opinion that "not being able to play it" counts as a
>>> error when we are talking about .wav files...
>>> On Win XPsp1, EMU1616m, latest ChucK, (ASIO-build) I was able too
>>> start the VM with
>>> chuck otf_03.ck
>>> then from another window run;
>>> chuck + rec-auto.ck
>>> let it go for a few seconds.
>>> Quit the VM with Ctrl+c.
>>> The resulting file played fine in Winamp. I do think the ASIO build
>>> may have some different flags that could affect wave in/out. I don't
>>> have the regular version installed on my XP laptop right now because
>>> the regular drivers have so much latency.
>> Ah, right. I forgot to add a blackhole when I defined UGens. That  
>> was my
>> problem.
>> Joerg: Can you confirm any of this?
> i think i have to test a little bit more. a couple of days ago i  
> wasn't able to produce a working wav file. i recorded something  
> (with rec.ck in the basic folder of the examples) but wasn't able to  
> play it in winamp or open it in audition.
> at least one of my students had the same problem while others  
> didn't. maybe it's an issue on some platforms.
> i don't have time at the moment to do detailed testing but i will in  
> the next week.
> all the best
> joerg
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