[chuck-users] 4 channels output

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Sat May 10 03:47:04 EDT 2008

lucas samaruga wrote:

> I make some tests on linux, an hava not solution :-)


> To make chuck run with more than two outputs, jack must have registered 
> more than two entries (this can be made whit buses y ardour for eg). But 
> does not work, the chuck outputs are there and don't
> transmit sound but noise, or nothing. I think maybe is a restriction of 
> the RtJackApi implementation because there are not phisical outputs, I 
> don´t know...

Thanks for the info!

> Is this an issue or request?

I actually just asked before my money it not plentiful enough to just go 
out and buy a 4 channel card to see if it works. From what your write it 
seems it's not gonna work :-(

peace, love & harmony

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