[chuck-users] chuck, PD and OSC

Martin Ahnelöv operagasten at gmail.com
Mon May 19 11:13:39 EDT 2008

mån 2008-05-19 klockan 11:42 +0200 skrev Luigi Rensinghoff:
> Hmm
> I am mainly a PD User but had a short look into chuck....
> For now i cannot grasp the capabilities that a chuck~object brings  
> into max or PD, but i am very interested..
> Its a shame you didnt use "flext" (you know it ??)
> http://www.parasitaere-kapazitaeten.net/ext/flext/
> That way we had a PD-object as well..
> Since i am not a programmer i cannot do the port, do you think it is  
> a lot of effort ???
> Thanks Luigi

AFAIK, the chuck development team is not responsible for the
[chuck~]-object in PD, it's Martin Robinson, and he in turn based his
work on Brad Garton's Max/MSP-object.

I think you should get in touch with either them or the PD-list.

Though, I might be very wrong in this. Mr Robinson will probably turn
out to be a plork-member, or something =)


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