[chuck-users] [livecode] granular music recommendations?

Michael Heuer heuermh at gmail.com
Tue May 20 02:19:41 EDT 2008

Kassen wrote:

> ...
> Yes, I agree. I used to work a lot with "chorus" type sounds, not the
> popular effect but the way a actual chorus (of people) works; I'd use a few
> paralel tone generators to build up a single sound. At the start of a not
> they'd play at the set pitch + some random offset and over the cource of the
> note the scaling of that offset would decrease, leading to a single pitch,
> like singers tuning to eachother.

Cool, I would love to have a guitar-pedal-style effect that worked that way.

I was thinking of using my implementation of PSO


but I suppose any non-linear optimization technique to bring the
"chorusers" together would sound cool.  Not sure how to do the
realtime pitch-shifting though.


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