[chuck-users] Simulating environmental audio

Jeff Smith jeff at smithicus.com
Thu May 22 13:48:13 EDT 2008

I have a research project for which I need a variety of environmental
audio streams, but for a number of reasons, I want to use purely
synthesized sounds rather than just using pre-recorded tracks and
sample-based simulation.

I'm wondering if anybody in the ChucK community has any convincing
environmental patches that they'd be willing to share. Almost any
environments will do, so long as they're evocative of a place. Wind,
rain, leaves in the trees, crickets chirping, waterfalls, waves on a
beach - those are all fairly obvious examples of natural environments.
I'm also interested in urban settings as well: traffic, stadium
crowds, murmuring theater audiences, applause, industrial machinery...

In addition to complete environments, good simulated sound effects
that can be used as elements in an environment would also be useful: a
car horn, closing door, breaking glass. I'm hoping that such synthetic
effects will have parameters that can be adjusted to modify the
character of the synthesized signal. For example, I have a "footsteps
in the hallway" patch I've been playing with that can be adjusted to
sound like footsteps in gravel or footsteps in grass, on sand, etc.
(Mine isn't very good yet, so if you happen to have a good footsteps
simulation, I'd love to compare yours with mine.)

There are lots of environmental sounds that I haven't even mentioned,
too, so if you have something you'd be willing to share, I'd love to
hear from you. And maybe, if there's interest, I'll put together an
archive of them to share with anyone else who's interested.

Jeff Smith
Computer Science Dept.
University of Saskatchewan

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