[chuck-users] Crashage

thor th.list at gmail.com
Sat May 24 06:51:28 EDT 2008

Hey Kassen

> Cool! I like your piece on the ogg LOSS compilation.

Thanks. It was a rather difficult performance. I was using the  
trying to use only the live-coding possibilities of them and ignore the
GUI elements and all this with a projected screen. Not what I  
normally do,
but the context was such. Temporality or formal structures I find subtly
difficult in live-coding. Live-coding is for the brave! Graham used  
in a great performance that night.

>  Mine doesn't, my Windows install is completely stripped of all  
> stuff I don't need on it and now it's very, very stable indeed. Of  
> course there's ChucK but crashing ChucK keeps getting harder and  
> harder because of those annoying dev's who keep taking the  
> beautiful crashes away.

But surely there must be some ways of creating good loops that result  
in an elegant crash?

In SC this would crash my computer in ca 30 secs:

{ inf.do({ {Saw.ar(999.rand, 0.01)}.play }) }.fork

How would the ChucK crash loop look?


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