[chuck-users] Neural Nets in ChucK

Inventor-66 at comcast.net Inventor-66 at comcast.net
Mon May 26 14:13:11 EDT 2008

Hi Kassen, 

I read about it in this previous message from this mailing list, see item 2.  Maybe I'm confused.  I'm easily amused and easily confused!  Haha!  


Hi Nuno,

This would be a great application for our new SMIRK toolkit (small  
music information retrieval toolkit for MIR in ChucK), soon to be up  
at http://smirk.cs.princeton.edu.

This is a great example of a problem that could be easily solved with  
a machine learning algorithm, wherein you
1) Extract features from a training set of animal sounds
2) Use them to train a classifier (now available in chuck: kNN,  
3) extract features from the mic input
4) use the trained classifier to classify the new inputs

You could start with playing with FFT, centroid, RMS, rolloff, and  
other standard features, then use whatever features end up capturing  
your idea of similarity the best.

I'll send a notice to this list once everything is totally up.


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