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COLORSOUND audiomedias at gmail.com
Wed May 28 11:48:16 EDT 2008

it does help thank you ;D

2008/5/28 Kassen <signal.automatique at gmail.com>:

> 2008/5/28 COLORSOUND <audiomedias at gmail.com>:
>> Hi thanks for your reply  if i have an audio card with more than one input
>> where and how do i set the desired input for recording ?
> Well, after using "chuck --probe" and determining what card has what number
> from ChucK's perspective you can start chuck with
> chuck --dac3 --channels6 myfile.ck
> here the "3" would represent the number of the soundcard to use and the 6
> the number of channels you'd like to use (this would be both in and out, see
> "chuck --help" for more options).
> Once you have that running you can ask for a certain channel from your
> soundcard's input in your code using "adc.chan(4) => my_ugen", where the "4"
> would hopefully be the right channel. Remember we start counting at 0 yet
> the labeling on your hardware likely starts at 1.
> This can indeed be a bit confusing because the code needs to match the way
> the VM is started, per default it starts in stereo mode on the default
> device so in that situation it makes no sense to have code that refers to
> the 6th or so input. Still; starting in stereo mode on the default device
> isn't such a bad default.
> I found that when working a lot with files that use a lot of channels it
> saved time to write a small batch file (a shell script would also do) to
> start the VM in that way and sometimes add the .ck file as well.
> Hope that helps,
> Kas.
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