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2008/5/30 joerg piringer <joerg at piringer.net>:

> very cool & congratulations!
> everybody hack chuck tonight!
Clap, clap, clap,  clap-clap!

This is really great and beautiful stuff, much beyond what could be
expected. Well, I suppose one could expect -on some level- that a text on a
programming language for a doctorate in philosophy would contain a large
amount of actual philosophy, maybe even that somebody known for his research
on vocal synthesis could also sing ;¬) but I was still amazed by these.

Aside from congratulating Ge and complimenting Perry (again!) I'd like to
recommend that any ChucKist who has the time read this thesis because it's a
treasure-trove of information on the "why" and "how" of ChucK. There's quite
a bit of stuff in it that wasn't previously so clear (to me), particularly
with regard to schreduling and what exactly is meant by "strong timing".

It feels very much like "the end of the beginning" to me.

ChucK it up!
Spork ~down!

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