[chuck-users] faust2ck: Use FAUST to generate ChucK UGens

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Nov 2 17:34:43 EST 2008


I'm excited about this and I'm getting the impression that you are excited
too and that this might've caused you to forget that not everyone here may
know what Faust is;



I haven't touched it myself yet but I keep hearing good things about Faust,
it seems especially popular with our friends in the SC world who use it to
make custom externals, for example when they need certain forms of feedback.
I was getting the impression it's fairly friendly in usage, at least in so
far as tools to generate C++ code for DSP usage can be "friendly". I hope
that clarifies why this is so cool.

I hope, BTW, that you are using this excellent opportunity to tell everybody
who asks what you are up to that you are "working on a script about Faust
meeting Dracula". It's too good to pass up on!

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