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Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 05:00:23 EST 2008

dan trueman;

er, i coded valueAt() quite some time ago and have been using it for a
> while, but i confess i'm not sure it made it into the last release (my
> fault!).

Well, if Eduard is using it that would mean it would be in there, right?
Maybe that's naive reasoning again :¬).

Anyway, I don't think there is any reason to apologise for adding features.

> i can't check it into cvs at the moment because i have a mess of other
> stuff in LiSa (multichannel LiSa) that doesn't work properly yet, but if i
> can't get that cleaned up soon, i'll revert and get valueAt checked in.
> sorry about this!

That sounds good! I was also talking with Mike about LiSa for granular
usage. I think the linear ramps that we have now are good for avoiding
clicks in loops but they do tend to place a spectral footprint on shorter,
denser grains. I wonder if there would be some way to have more advanced
per-voice windowing/enveloping without the syntactic or CPU overhead getting
too bad?

Might be a thought for a future update?

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