[chuck-users] LiSa .rate() issue (bug)

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sat Nov 8 19:46:56 EST 2008

Dear list (especially Dan),

I just spend a hour or so pulling my hair out wondering why my little toy
turntable wouldn't "scratch" anymore. It turns out that the issue is some
changed behaviour in LiSa's .rate(). I believe .rate() no longer
automatically casts integers to floats while previously it did. The
following example demonstrates the issue;

LiSa l => dac;
second => l.duration;

//just making sure
<<<l.rate(), "     default rate">>>;

//note this is a integer
-1 => l.rate;
<<<l.rate(), "     should be -1 but isn't">>>;

-1.0 => l.rate;
<<<l.rate(), "    should be -1">>>;

I'm not sure how this can happen as casting integers to floats is supposed
to be automatic in ChucK. If somebody could please look into this?

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