[chuck-users] LiSa .rate() issue (bug)

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Nov 9 12:11:24 EST 2008


that sure would be good! but i'm just not that organized. i'll try... and i
> appreciate the critique so no worries there.

I can certainly identify with that :¬).

Maybe we can blame Ge? Blaming Ge always works out well. What if we'd say Ge
is The Great Keeper Of ChucK and should be held accountable for making the
VERSIONS text line up with the commits that get used? I'm only half joking,
it does make sense to me that there should be a strong link between what
goes in and the documentation of what went in.

alternatively, we could have .playing(int voice) which returns the 0 or
> 1....


if (my_lisa.playing(3) ) do.something();

looks good to me.

> could just have .getbi(int voice). (cute name).

I'm in favour of this. Everybody loves LiSa so maybe LiSa should love
everybody back. :¬)

> i don't think overloading this makes sense, since it's a boolean and we
> don't want that to be a float.

I agree, and I couldn't see any useful application for a float there, with
.play() at least a float could make sense, like it does with the STK
instruments .noteOn().

I quite liked the voice-pan plans I saw in the source as well. This is
becoming quite a monster UGen.

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