[chuck-users] MiniAudicle CVS (Mac OS X)

Juan-Pablo Caceres jcaceres at ccrma.stanford.edu
Sun Nov 9 12:53:38 EST 2008

Hi Kassen!

Kassen wrote:
>     Which is the latest stable CVS (or SVN) of miniAudicle/Chuck for OS
>     X? I didn't have luck googling (sorry if this has been asked
>     before). The latest release of miniAudicle is version
>     <> (with ChucK: version <>
>     (dracula)) Both are fairly old (more that a year as far as I can
>     tell), so I'd love to get the latest version.
> I think there must be some mistake there. <> was 
> new this summer, I think. Could it be that it's simply the date that's 
> wrong?

Yes, you're right. I was confusing it with Thanks for the 
clarification! One question, are you guys using the stable release or 
most of you are using the cvs? I am curious in terms of how 
stable/unstable they might be.


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