[chuck-users] MiniAudicle CVS (Mac OS X)

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Nov 9 13:07:59 EST 2008

> Hi Kassen!

Hi, Juan-Pablo!

Yes, you're right. I was confusing it with Thanks for the
> clarification!

Cool. Actually I wasn't aware that the Mac version of the mini was already
using, the official Linux and Windows versions are lagging right
now, that is; unless there was a update I didn't hear about.

> One question, are you guys using the stable release or most of you are
> using the cvs? I am curious in terms of how stable/unstable they might be.

I think nearly everyone is using the official bin releases (or compiling a
new one when there is a official release). Personally I try to stay as
compatible with everyone else as I can because of the never-ending search
for bugs and the need to be able to talk about those but I do run a few
non-standard things like a ASIO version of ChucK on Windows and a tweaked
version of the Mini to use the latest ChucK on Linux. I have no idea how
unstable the CVS versions may be.

I also wonder how you would find out what has been improved/changed in the
CVS versions.

Unless you have a good reason to use them (like a specific bug that causes
you issues that you know was fixed in CVS) I'd say you may be better off
with the official builds. It's just easier to be able to collaborate on
pinpointing bugs when you know everybody is on more or less the same
version. There are some differences between the different OS's but none that
seem very signifficant so far.

Then again; maybe you simply like to live on the bleeding edge, in that case
you should go for it.

Hope that helps?
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