[chuck-users] negative duration syntax and bug

Les Hall inventor-66 at comcast.net
Thu Nov 13 12:40:40 EST 2008

Press Release:

In a startling discovery made earlier today by musician and 
self-described ChucKist "Kassen", it was revealed that negative time 
actually exists.  Long theorized by science fiction authors and 
audiences, the discovery has baffled modern scientists.  When 
questioned, the mysterious "Kassen" was unavailable for comment because 
he had travelled back in time to enjoy last weekend's party one more 
time.  It is, however, suggested by other ChucKists that the time 
reversal phenomenon exists only in the mind of ChucK and is in fact a 
bug.  Presumably a bug that flies backward, but that, again, is pure 
speculation.  In fact, the whole concept of negative time in a ChucKian 
universe may actually be a very carefully planned practical joke 
created by the ChucK Dev team in the future of the past which is 
actually now.

This has been an up-to-the-minute report (so to speak).


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