[chuck-users] LiSa SndBuf rate bug?

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 21:53:36 EST 2008

...and while we're at it;

> //set lisa buffer size to sample size
> buf.samples() * 1::samp => lisa.duration;

I tend to use;
buf.samples()::samp => lisa.duration; // I use this a lot

But that might be too compact for a file in the examples dir. Also good (and
arguably more transparent) would be;

buf.samples() * samp => lisa.duration;

I know I'm nit-picking here but I think we should strive for a maximum in
clarity in the examples as those are probably the best resource there is for
new ChucKists, particularly those not taking formal classes. Perhaps some
people find the extra "1::" makes the line easier to understand but I'm
inclined to drop it.

There are a few more things scattered around the examples dir that could be
confusing, some of them caused by some examples being older then various
updates to ChucK. Is there a place where suggestions could go? One of the
voice synthesis demos (a really nice one, sound-wise) gives errors while
running, for example.

I don't intend to criticise anyone here (as it is it's a great resources), I
mean to point out that /examples/ is likely the entry point for people who
may join us so I'd like it to be as welcoming, non-confusing and friendly as
we can make it. I know I learned by copying and imitating structures found
in the examples so I feel it should be easy to generalise based upon them.

I'd be happy to go over the whole dir, as long as I don't have a deadline
and there is some agreement that this would be worthwhile.

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