[chuck-users] Is it possible to get mp3 output instead of wav?

Manish Mittal manishsm at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 04:34:24 EDT 2008

> Hi,   My first post here. I stumbled on chuck this morning and have not
> been able to take my hands off it.. its fun!! While going through the manual
> I found chuck can write a Wav file to disk, can it also write an .mp3 file?
> I searched through the chuck-users archives messages but found no direct
> response.
> Also, I was curious if chuck can read in from a mp3 file. If not, are you
> aware of a command line tool that can convert from mp3 to wav and then feed
> into chuck (that's assuming wav files can be chucked). One of the reasons to
> try something like above is to make my own karaoke files (20-30 of them),
> but all my songs are mp3. I was planning to use chuck to do some frequency
> filtering to achieve karaoke effect and then possibly add some computer
> generated sounds to create a mix.
> Thanks for developing chuck .. pretty cool :-)
> Manish
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