[chuck-users] Electronic ChucK

inventor-66 at comcast.net inventor-66 at comcast.net
Fri Oct 3 08:45:00 EDT 2008

Wow.  I posted to the ChucK forum about EChucK and some nice person copied the post, cited the origin, and put it on an RSS Feed for synthesizers.  This quick little EChucK web page that I worked on all night has now gotten close to 300 hits!  That's a lot more than my usual 20 hits a day for the whole music site.  There hasn't been much response other than a lot of web hits, but google and my hit counter say they are mostly from unique users, so a lot of people are taking a look at EChucK.  

The web being what it is, I have heard and found myself that I only get about one email per 1,000 web hits so I'm not surprised nobody has emailed yet.  In other good news, the poll I put on the announcement indicates that four people are willing to help out with the project.  So it's been an exciting night.  Note that the EChucK web page has been expanded and now has sub-pages with JPGs, design files, standards, projects, links and a FAQ.  So have a look, the page again is here:


Keep on ChucKin'!


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