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Maybe off topic, but I've always liked the idea of patching physical
acoustic objects into modular synthesisers.  Like spring reverb, but with
arbitrary objects, like pianos... I never did get 'round to buying myself a
sound bug... to me personally, if I get audio out of the digital domain,
then it tends to be into the acoustic rather than analogue electric.  Just a
thought, but do you see a place for acoustic transducers in your system?

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> Mike,
> The computer interface I am planning is an analog one.  It will receive
> stereo audio from the headphones jack and send stereo audio to the line-in
> Jack.  This way we can generate whatever signals we want from ChucK and pipe
> them into EChucK on adc.left and adc.right.  We can also receive two
> separate audio signals on dac.left and dac.right.
> I was sort of generalizing the stereo input and outputs into a pair of
> do-anything audio outs and do-anything audio ins.  This opens up many
> possibilities for ChucK to control EChuck or provide signals for EChucK.
>  Don't have a filtered noise module in your EChucK module collection?  Just
> write a ChucK program and you've got it.  Want an analog multiplier but
> don't have a multiplier module?  send the two signals to line-in, have ChucK
> multiply them, and receive your result on headphones out.
> That's the idea.  The computer interface module will be just a quad opamp
> circuit with perhaps variable gain/attenuation and diode clamping for the
> line-in signals to protect your computer.  It should be quite low in cost,
> just $5 or so in parts + profit margin for the seller.  Other computer
> interfaces such as USB, parallel port, etc. are planned but I'm doing the
> simplest, easiest modules first to get a working prototype built and
> tested/working.  Cheers!
> Les
> (Inventor)
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