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Fri Oct 3 10:35:16 EDT 2008

Peter Todd

> Maybe off topic, but I've always liked the idea of patching physical
> acoustic objects into modular synthesisers.  Like spring reverb, but with
> arbitrary objects, like pianos... I never did get 'round to buying myself a
> sound bug... to me personally, if I get audio out of the digital domain,
> then it tends to be into the acoustic rather than analogue electric.  Just a
> thought, but do you see a place for acoustic transducers in your system?

This is a really interesting idea. I'm very much into the
"exciter-resonator" way of looking at synthesis and so of course I like to
use spring-reverbs but that could be extended a lot further. Using a channel
of ADC and DAC acoustical objects (like tubes with a speaker and mic) could
be inserted into ChucK as well... but I wonder if the spring-reverb models
could be extended to substitute things like -say- a reed for a spring.

This is exciting (pun intended, I suppose), I wonder how practical this
could be.

Thanks for sharing this idea!

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