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Fri Oct 3 12:30:14 EDT 2008


Yes, any kind of transducer would be an excellent addition to EChucK.  I'm open to anything that is inexpensive and adds to the fun.  I'm most excited about the notion of making music synthesis in all its forms accessible to us, and especially to kids.  

Breadboarding is inaccessible due to cost, complexity, and learning curve.  Traditional synthesizers are inaccessible due to cost and size.  Typical electronic experimenter's kits have the same problem as breadboarding, though they do make it fun with sensors and output devices.  What is needed is something with a granularity that exists somewhere above component level and below system level, while still retaining the component level cost advantage.  

And how boring and useless would EChucK be without a diverse selection of sensors?  I'd like to have or facilitate the building of rain detectors, wind sensors (weather sensors), EKG sensors to detect heartbeats, and Kassens' suggestions of excited resonators is perfect for EChucK.  

Well, perhaps my imagination runs amok, I've had only a few short naps these past two days so I'm a bit over tired.  Oh, by the way, the EChucK web site is now up to 400 hits in less than 24 hours of existence.  I sure hope this means some folks will collaborate, that would be great fun!  And as Ge once said...

"For those about to ChucK, we salute you!"


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