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I will look into tools for EChucK, though I suspect it will be a mix of assembler and C tools due to the chaotic and buggy nature of Microchip tools.  

It doesn't look like there is popular enough support for EChucK to justify having its own sub-forum.  Lots of reads but few posts, so I doubt if it needs its own sub-forum just yet.  

I emailed Ge as you suggest about the name and copied to you.  



Dear Les,

Some suggestions;

*If you are going the PIC route you may need to start thinking about a SDK. Some of my best friends think ASM is fun but then again... I tend to hang out with relatively unusual people.

*This is veering a bit off-topic; not all ChucKists will be interested in this and not everyone who is interested in this will be interested in ChucK. I suggest you ask Mosc for your own sub-forum on EM for this project. You are already linking to EM on your page about this and Mosc is very supportive of open DIY projects. If you don't have it I could give you his address.

* I'd sugest you ask Ge about using the ChucK name for something related yet different like this. I could imagine using something like "SticK", a name that would refer to a possible result of "ChucKing" some object, it could refer to sticking objects to eachother and it might refer to educational uses as well. Something like that could save confusion.

These are purely my own personal opinions at this moment but right now I feel this idea is evolving into something that does -and can- stand on it's own. I suspect a aproach like that could improve things for everyone; this is note some veiled way of saying "stay on topic"; I'll be keeping a close eye on this regardless of how and where it evolves.


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