[chuck-users] SoundFonts in ChucK

lucas samaruga samarugalucas at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 08:44:22 EDT 2008

 Hi Tom

> The .freq method in a sf file, maybe have no precise sense, the
> > real frequency depend of the recorded sample and the pitch region,
> > maybe a simple .key method is better...
> > or make the calculus of sample - pitch - region - pitchbend to take the
> > accurate frequency... (if the sf file support that)
> > ...maybe the nature of this UGen is simple different...
> I didn't develop the code, but it sounds like you're saying .freq is
> acting more like SndBuf's .rate and should be named something else?

I think no (sorry for my English), That I would said that there is not a
manipulated freq
but a recorded sample in a particular file format, the acces an behavior are
from the standpoint of MIDI manipulation.

> Information retrival about sf files is also needed...
> What do you mean by this?
> Information about the bank, instruments, registers, mapping, for
within chuck, maybe not a great thing.

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