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Wed Oct 8 03:31:37 EDT 2008


> But one thing that I do find interesting and legitimate about it is
> his reaction to people telling him what software to use.  I'm sure, of
> course, that he took it out of context.. a 'hey you might be
> interested..', repeated too many times, to the point where it becomes
> misinterpreted as, 'hey there's this other software that does what
> you're doing but way better'.. and then i can see how getting annoyed
> would become reasonable.

Yes, this could and does happen. People have come up to me and pointed out
that my laptop isn't of a certain brand. Well, that's true and for good (to
me) reasons. If you hear that 20 times then sooner or later somebody might
become the victim of a rant.

This happens.

What I'm wondering about is where this guy is that has so many ChucKists. I
don't meet that many... None of the SC or MAX/MSP users I met were like this
about their system. Somewhere there must be a sort of huge cult of militant
ChucKists that nobody knows? Isn't this a bit far-fetched? Why don't they
come over for some relaxing crashes?

Oh, well, it's funny, that puts it head&shoulders above most pages comparing
programming languages.

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