[chuck-users] now v.s. actual time

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Thu Oct 9 19:44:07 EDT 2008


> Sure, but this is a common thing to deal with in audio languages.

I can imagine! talking about "talking" is inherently hard.

> calls it "logical time" and "real time", which I think is the correct
> terminology.

Sounds quite sensible to me.

> So as for the code I posted in the forum, with a way of determining
> 'real' now I could have done,
> // one million sqrts
> 0 => float answer;
> for (1=>int i; i<=1000000; i++) {
>  answer+sqrt(i) => answer;
>  if ((realnow - now) > 3::ms) 3::ms => now;
> }
> Btw, is this actually what you were asking or am I way off?

No, that seems about right, in fact I'd say "realnow => now" ought to do,
even. That just leaves the question of where we'd get a "realnow". If we'd
get a "realnow" as a proper language abstraction that would deal with a lot
though I'd say "realnow" for the HD may not be the same as for the CPU.

To put it in other words; ChucK lets us deal with a VM which is very
pleasant as the VM is much simpler then a actual computer but the limits of
the host computer may be relevant for what we'd like to tell the VM.

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