[chuck-users] now v.s. actual time

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 09:04:44 EDT 2008

Tom Lieber;

> Yielding to the UGen graph is exactly the same as yielding to the
> other shreds. The UGens are in lock-step with the shreds for the
> purposes of strong timing.

Yes, you are right, of course.

Stephen said it much better then I did. Either that or we are after
something that's fundamentally impossible.

Let me try again; I want a computationally intensive shred to Shredule
itself for the moment when the VM "now" again equals how long ChucK has been
running. I think that's exactly what Stephen proposed but we could easily be
barking up entirely different trees. It's a tricky problem and very tricky
to talk about, I now realise (pun intended).

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