[chuck-users] preprocessing chuck (was: Time to SMIRK!)

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Sun Oct 12 05:27:12 EDT 2008

Michael Heuer wrote:
> $ ./upchuck --silent foo.ck
> [chuck.Bc252]: no such file or directory
> mktemp seems to do the right thing

It's probably that it deletes the file immediate after creating it, 
which might cause problems on Windows.  On UNIX files aren't really 
deleted as long as there's still an open handle on them; that's possibly 
not so on Windows.  You could just try commenting out the line that does 
the deletion and every once in a while cleaning out your /tmp/chuck.*  I 
think you'd need a while before the amount of ChucK source code would 
seriously start to cut into your hard drive's free space.  :-)


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