[chuck-users] shred references (bug?)

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Oct 12 16:17:28 EDT 2008

Hey mike!

> I've decided to give "bus error" a proper kenning: "Clemow's Bane."

Ow, come on, the bus errors like you, they just want to play.

> Kas, do you think that this is related to the bus errors we were
> getting assigning objects in that GrainPattern class?
I wouldn't be surprised. Something seems to be rather wrong with assignment
these days. This kind of structure (assigning a sporked function to a Shred
object) did work with that syntax in the past so it could be the new
reference counting being over-active again.

I just simplified your code to make the real culprit come out;

fun void dummy()
        second => now;

Shred foo;
//this runs
//spork ~ dummy();

//I get a segmentation fault at this on Ubuntu
spork ~ dummy() @=> foo;

hour => now;

I really think this used to work. To make matters worse this (assuming the
same function) seems to work ok;

spork ~ dummy() @=> Shred foo;
hour => now;

I wouldn't be surprised if it was at least related because I can't think of
anything else that would break this.

At least it should help pinpoint the culprit. I suggest add it to the Wiki
bug page and we try sprinkling some variation of the working version with
some "@" signs. Sprinkling magical "@" signs seems to pacify this bug ;¬).

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