[chuck-users] Audicle updating and shredID tracking

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 19:56:57 EDT 2008

Dear list,

Because I quite like some of the new features (especially the array
appending) and quite like the Mini I tried ripping out the "chuck" bit of
the Mini source, putting in the new version and compiling (Ubuntu, latest
long term support version, up to date, I could look up details if needed).
As far as I could see this works perfectly (so far...), no need at all to be
burdened by any knowledge of C.

Still,  my current series of experiments could benefit a great deal from
linking editor windows to shred ID's so I tried the same with the Audicle
and got some errors that made it quite clear I'd need to know C/C++ in some
detail to deal with them.

So, first of all; the adventurous might like to try their hand at this and
have a updated Mini (the "about" dialogue even reports the correct ChucK
version, nice).

Secondly, should the Audicle take such abuse? I feel this would be quite
nice but there might be hard questions? Would it be a idea to use something
like colour coding of window-headers (or some similar graphical element) to
link editor buffers to running shreds in the Mini? I think that would be
very nice as a help in livecoding. Like most people I can keep track of
about 7 or so things at a time and the link between editor buffers and shred
ID's that was steablished 15 minutes ago tends to be one of the things that
gets lost....

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